Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tickets on Sale Now

$120, no service charges, for first tier and $145, no service charges, after that.

People are already complaining about the price, but 120 flat is only 17 bucks higher than the first tier last year (90+13). Add that to the fact that it cost 10 bucks shipping for the tickets last year (you have the option to print them for free this year) and we are down to a $7 difference.

Also, you have the option for VIP again this year, here is the info on those from the website:

Friends of the Festival Packages

Want to put a little creature comforts in your Festival experience? Be a VIP and enjoy ACL in style and ease with special amenities in the VIP Grove. The package is full of the comfort and refreshments you deserve.


VIP Passes (serves as three-day tickets)
VIP Grove access, which includes:
  • Food servings daily
  • Guest chef tastings
  • Beer, wine, and specialty drinks
  • ACL mini spa and misting system
  • Special daily snacks
  • Shade and seating in the VIP Grove (no stage seating/viewing)
  • Water
  • Air conditioned restrooms
  • VIP parking pass (with package of four only)
  • Two commemorative t-shirts

Four for $3,400
Two for $1,700

  • No stage access with the package.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • No variations on the package or price.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to upgrade general admission tickets purchased through Front Gate Tickets to VIP Packages.


Anonymous said...

The first tier is sold out!

hansford said...

no they arent.
i just went to the ticket site and they are still available.

Anonymous said...

It's telling me they're sold out if I click through the email, but they still seem available if you go to the website directly.

I don't know why, but that's what's happening (to me).

hansford said...

oh, wow.
that sucks.

Anonymous said...

$7 x 70,000 people = $490,000

More than enough to pay Prince...

Anonymous said...

Silversun Pickups


Robbers on High Street

Ryan Adams