Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Austin360 stuff

Looks like has decided to get on the ball with ACL Fest info a bit earlier this year. I wonder what spurred them to do that?

Anyway, along with an 'All you need to know' section, they have a few notes on who will/won't be playing:

The lineup for the sixth annual Austin City Limits Music Festival, to be held Sept. 14- 16 at Zilker Park, is at least a month away from its official unveiling, so the rumors have been flying furiously. The Police and Pearl Jam are two names being thrown around, along with last year’s wish listers: Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And it sure looks like the reunited Smashing Pumpkins (Billy Corgan’s back together again), who are playing every festival that doesn’t include a livestock contest, are headed here in September.

But the Police are definitely not playing ACL. They’ve got dates in Amsterdam during ACL. And fest booker Charles Attal told me that Pearl Jam is not on the bill. Asked about the Pumpkins and the Chili Peppers, Attal Blackberried back that the headliners are even bigger.

Who could he be referring to? Radiohead, for starters. The British band hasn’t announced a U.S. tour yet, but this could be the year. Also, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan seem about ripe for their ACL Fest debut. I’m going to guess that the White Stripes and Foo Fighters- two acts looking to tour heavily this summer and fall - will be among the biggies coming to Austin.

Not really much more than speculation there, but probably worth keeping an eye on.


Anonymous said...

Another confirmation for you guys.

Ben Kweller has confirmed that he will be playing ACL Fest this year.

Again, you hered it hear first.


hansford said...

this "you hered it hear first" stuff is getting kinda old.

its awesome that you wanna jump on here and post stuff you have heard, but how about some sort of info to back it up?

clif stone said...

this "you heard it hear first" stuff is getting really old..

Ike said...

Ben Kweller = more room at the other end of the park.

I think this is Radiohead's year.

mrblonde17 said...

I wonder if he'll bring his own tampons this year.

Anonymous said...

I never thought that the Police would make it here for ACL. Sadly.

That Springsteen might be possible is very exciting, but I'm rooting for Radiohead and/or RHCP.

Anonymous said...

The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker -
Charlie Musselwhite -

You heard it "hear" first.

Anonymous said...

Why do I need confirmation when everything I have reported has come true?

KOL - Check
Andrew Bird - Check
Ben Kweller - Check

Wilco, Aracde Fire, Stevie, Travis-Soon to be checked.

Anonymous said...

If Bob Dylan confirms, I will pee myself.

Anonymous said...

Actually Andrew Bird confirmed during his SWSW set so we already knew before we "heard it here first" from you.

And I still haven't seen confirmation of Ben Kweller so that isn't a "check."

Nice try though...

But if you can't see why we would still need confirmation then I really don't know what to say. If the owner of this site just started putting up every band you say is going to be there w/o confirmation and then a lot of those bands don't show on the final list then he/she looks like an ass and people won't take this website seriously anymore.

Patrick said...

Ben Kweller stated in an interview for an Australian news outlet that he was playing ACL this year.

And I agree that if you just threw up everything that people thought this site would have 0 credibility.

THE BEATLES WILL PLAY ACL THIS YEAR!(example of why not to trust fans on confirmations)

Dan said...

Now, I would totally love to be wrong about this, but I just don't ever imagine Radiohead playing ACL. Ever. Granted, it was shocking that they played Bonnnaroo, but they just don't need to cater to the festival crowd. They sell out any venue they play with ease.

Once again, I would love nothing more than to be wrong about this, but I would just let it go people.

Ike said...

I agree it's unlikely Radiohead plays, but I think you're way off when you say they're not a festival band. Look at all the festivals they've played:

Field Day
V Festival
Montreux Jazz Festival

and plenty of others.

Anonymous said...

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