Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wilco and Bloc Party?

Word is, if you hop over to the archive pages of kexp.org and listen to the March 14th broadcast, around the 6pm(cst) mark you can hear one of the producers of the ACL TV show comment on the fact that both Wilco and Bloc Party are scheduled to tape appearances for the next season of the show. This could mean they are both going to play the fest this year, as most of the tapings are done around the festival.

The producer is also said to mention the Arcade Fire as on his hopeful list.


Ike said...

Glad you found this, but you missed a couple of important bits. He was asked about artists for the upcoming season, and he said the Decemberists and Norah Jones were recording shows. He also said that they were going to try to get artists to play the TV show around the time of the festival, then said that Bloc Party and Wilco were recording shows at that time, and that hopefully Arcade Fire would be recording a show. Take that as you may, but I think it's a 95% confirmation for Bloc Party and Wilco, and puts the chances pretty damn high for the Arcade Fire.

Ike said...

Thanks to Tommy from the ACL Forum.

Robert Earl Keen is confirmed to return.